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The Genomic Landscape and Clinical Relevance of A-to-I RNA Editing in Human Cancers

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atoi and leading 0's for decimal numbers. Ask Question. @user you're absolutely right, editing now. – Shaded Jan 15 '11 at An enzyme that breaks down folic acid could be the key to resistance to chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Methotrexate is a chemotherapy agent which prevents folic acids from helping tumour cells to grow. However, tumours can develop resistance through increased levels of dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR. Because A-to-I editing may affect base-pairing and RNA structure, processes including translation, splicing, RNA replication, and miR and siRNA silencing may be affected.

Future studies of ADARs no doubt will provide us with additional surprises and new insights into the modulation of biological processes by the ADAR family of proteins.”Author: Charles E.


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QNX ® Software Development Platform SP1 QNX ® Platform for ADAS Content. Search Results. Pairs of inverted Alu repeats in RNA can form duplex structures that lead to A-to-I editing by the ADAR enzymes. In this review we discuss the possible biological effects of Alu editing, with particular focus on the regulation of gene expression by inverted Alu repeats in the 3a€™-UTR regions of mRNAs.

Atoi editing services
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