Bank lending channel

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The bank lending channel: lessons from the crisis

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The bank lending channel of monetary policy transmission: evidence from an emerging aarket, India

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Focusing on cross-border bank lending, we employed firm-level loan data with regard to the syndicated loan market and measured the international bank lending channel through changes in the United States dollar-denominated loans extended to Asian borrowers.

In the bank lending channel, an expansionary monetary policy is not dependent for its effectiveness on a reduction in interest rates, and a contractionary monetary policy is not dependent for its effectiveness on an increase in interest rates.

Does bank competition influence the lending channel in the euro area?

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banks can frictionlessly issue nonreservable liabilities, then the bank lending channel, at least in its standard formulation, disappears. Romer and Romer (), among others. This paper aims to investigate the relevance of bank lending channel in Indonesia by using bank level data set for a period from to This paper shows that the bank lending channel impacts on lending and on the risk of a banking crisis.

The results show that an increase in interest rates will decrease future bank lending and the.

Bank lending channel
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