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After more than 12 years of establishment and development, Patsoft is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in providing and consulting solutions, especially ERP solutions for Manufacturing industry. Patsoft is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in providing and consulting solutions, especially ERP solutions for Manufacturing industry.

PATSOFT: The Vietnamese ERP Solutions Provider 9 PATSOFT received some offers from foreign providers to support the whole Vietnamese ERP market instead of only focusing on the SMEs segment. In JanuaryPATSOFT, the Vietnamese ERP solutions provider, faced a market downturn where its potential clients constantly cut costs instead of increasing investment, especially IT investment.

The company was founded inproviding its own ERP solutions for Vietnamese companies, specifically targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We are one dedicated team of DNK Software, one Vietnam-based dynamic software company, focusing on providing world-class business solutions to a wide range of enterprises.

Our members have a number of years of expertise working with Japanese clients (include many Japanese big manufacturers) in consulting, analyzing the requirements of businesses and developing, system integration to meet.

PATSOFT: The Vietnamese ERP Solutions Provider 3 tion Technology – White Bookthe IT industry was an important economic sector, with an annual growth rate higher than any other areas. The overall IT industry average revenue growth in the period .

Patsoft erp provider in vietnam
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