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9 out of 10 Women Misinformed about Mammograms

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Tamoxifen & Uterine Cancer

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IUD: Are the Health Risks worth the Benefits?

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What is an IUD? An IUD is a tiny, T-shaped polyethylene device that is wrapped in copper, or contains hormones.

Whether a hysterectomy will affect sexual function is a common concern amongst women considering the surgery, as well it should be. Sex is a vital part of life and the loss of sexual function can be devastating.

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Links to scam web pages have been removed and spaces have been added to email addresses to ensure they do. The Wallach Endocell Endometrial Cell Sampler is the only sampler with a true "O" ring for great sample collection. Warranty: 90 Days - Free from Defects in Material and Workmanship.

2015 had lowest U.S. fertility rate ever, down 600,000 births

The Endocell offers simplicity, safety, and economy to the screening process for. I am a six-year endometrial cancer (EC) survivor. The only way EC can be definitively diagnosed is through biopsy, either D&C or endobiopsy.

It would, however, only sample the myometrium where EC develops, not the underlying myometrium or muscle wall of the uterus.

A study designed to evaluate performance, patient acceptance, and cost-effectiveness of blind biopsy, hysteroscopy with biopsy, and ultrasound, in women with vaginal bleeding, reported that minor events, including discomfort and distress, occurred in 16% of women who had hysteroscopy with biopsy, and in 10% of the women who had a blind biopsy.

Request error write after endometrial biopsy
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9 out of 10 Women Misinformed about Mammograms |