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Kraft Chemical is a supplier of ingredients used in a large variety of applications. We have extensive product offerings, technical services and support, and a qualified sales team ready to deliver smart solutions for your specific needs.

DELIVERY AVAILABLE VIA SHIP, BARGE, RAIL, DUMP TRAILER, TRI-AXLE, DRY VAN OR FLATBED. Chemical Equipment Labs is a world-wide supplier of Highway Rock Salt, Solar Salt, Animal Feed Salt, Pool Salt, Pharmaceutical Grade Salt, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Urea and Liquids for Deicing.

Products may be purchased in a variety of ways such as bulk. Chemical Specialties The Petrarch line of specialty chemicals has a highly respected manufacturer of high purity silanes, silicones, and catalysts for decades.

For the over the past 20 years this product line has been a part of UCT Specialties portfolio. United Mineral & Chemical Corporation, established incontinues to provide Chemicals, Pigments, Ultra High Purity Metals and Components to its customer base rooted in North America and reaching out across several continents.

The "United Chemical Company" held an extended meeting on the outcomes of Chemical industry becomes the hallmark of Zhambyl oblast again Agreement on the joint work plan is signed between the administration. clean pools made easy. We make keeping your pool clean easy.

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United chemical company
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