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English Language editing and Proofreading Services for donnish Authors

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Wiley English Language Editing Services (ELES) offers authors access to a suite of services to help them prepare their manuscript – making the submission process easier.

“My manuscript entitled "Microscopic Polyangiitis associated with Pulmonary Fibrosis", a work about medicine, was rejected by some journals because its English redaction. English Language Editing Services The following is a list of companies offering language editing, translation, and cleanup services to authors.

Language Editing Service

These companies have not been reviewed and are not endorsed by ASCE, and use of their services does not guarantee acceptance to an ASCE Journal.

LetPub’s language editing service helps international researchers eliminate language barriers and see their work recognized and published in prestigious journals worldwide. All of our language editors are native English speakers with long-term experience writing, editing.

Elsevier's Language Editing services ensure your manuscript is written in correct scientific English before submission. The Author WebShop Blog gives you practical tips on how to avoid grammar and style mistakes while writing your paper in English.

Freelance editor and proofreader since I provide professional English editing and proofreading services of nonfiction documents. Expertise in business, academic, digital content, and nonfiction book editing. Find out more. The document for sample editing should contain a maximum of words.

If the total number of words in the document submitted for sample editing exceeds the specified word limit, only the first words will be edited and returned to the author.

Wiley english language editing service
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